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BM X POP Mama Has POP'ed Set

BM X POP Mama Has POP'ed Set

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In collaboration with POP Neutral, we have come out with this bundle for our dear mamas. Made to help you be your best self after giving birth! This set includes 

  • 1x 7-Star Milk Quality Booster (Chocolate)
  • 1x Thermo Belly Mask Box

7-Star Milk Booster (Chocolate Flavour) by Boss Mama

Our Malaysian-made 7-star Milk Booster chocolate flavoured botanical beverage drink is made from botanical ingredients derived from plants and herbs known to boost energy and assist with enhancing milk supply in lactating mothers. Additionally, consuming the 7-Star Booster botanical beverage will enhance your overall health and wellness.  



The 7-star Booster is verified by KKM under MeSTi to be a food and beverage product that is safe for consumption & it is also certified HALAL. The 7-Star Booster is also proudly made in Malaysia.

The 7-Star Booster is a botanical beverage that is safe to consume on daily basis for its various health benefits. Individuals with sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients should avoid consuming this product. For lactating mothers, do consult with a doctor or healthcare professional regarding your suitability to consume this product.

Thermo Belly Mask Box by POP Neutral

This belly mask was designed to generate heat to increase blood circulation. It improves skin elasticity and tones the muscles therefore breaking down cellular fat after giving birth. Strengthening skin's surface, giving more toned muscle and skin tissues. Contains ginger oil and tumeric extract.

Its not only good for new mama but also good for anyone looking to help burn fat and boost metabolism.

The heat can also relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension for maximum comfort and relief.

The main features are :

•Shapes up the body by reducing and burning fat
•Helps soothe away cellulite
•Formulated to help firm, tighten, tone and sculpt sagging skin
•Keeps skin nourished, hydrated and smooth
•Effectively rids the body of excess fluid giving you a slimmer silhouette
•Total repair for damaged skin
•Tightens saggy stomach skin
•Powerful, natural ingredients that increase circulation, smoothens away dimples and tones sagging skin for flawless skin and a firm, contoured appearance.

1 box contains 4 sheet masks of 60ml each

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