4 Reasons Why You Need Hands-Free Pumping Bras (Especially At Work)

4 Reasons Why You Need Hands-Free Pumping Bras (Especially At Work)

If you’re a new mom ready to get back to work, then a hands-free pumping bra is your new BREASTFRIEND! We’ve listed top 4 important benefits of a hands-free pumping bra for mommas at work.

If you are a working mom, then hand free pumping bra is your best ally during your entire motherhood business. Read on to learn the benefits of hands-free pumping bra for moms at work.

1. You Get Ultimate Comfort.

Getting back to work after maternity leave means leaving your comfort zone but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring comfort with you. Investing in a good hands-free pumping bra is worth every penny and is affordable to anyone. It gives busy moms the convenience to work and pump simultaneously a lot easier.  

2. You Will Save So Much Time.

Just like the precious liquid gold we produce, time is of the essence for working moms. At work, you have a limited time for pumping, hence double pumping not only produces more milk but having a good hands-free bra means you get to enjoy a more productive pumping session. Saving you both time and stress!

3. You Can Multitask Freely, At Ease.

Our Boss Mama Real-Support bras provides the right amount of comfort, quality and ease that you need throughout your motherhood business. You want to be as relaxed as possible while it does the job for you.

Check the email, respond to messages, eat your lunch or even walk around! Hands-free pumping bras allows you to pump without holding on to your pump kit. It gives you the freedom to be as mobile and productive as you produce your milk let-down.

Our straps and band are soft without pinching onto the body and its unique peekaboo slot will hold your breast pump in place giving you maximum comfort and productivity.  

4. You Get To Produce More Liquid Gold

Double pumping produces more milk which is eased by the support of a good hands-free pumping bra. Choosing the wrong pumping bra will naturally affect the pumping process and  the amount of milk it will yield. It’s important to find a good pumping bra that supports and covers the entire breast while comfortably accommodating the fit and feel of your breast pump.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, a hands-free pumping bra is the ultimate lifesaver for working moms and all moms alike. Every minute counts, therefore investing in the right hands-free pumping bra is invaluable. Boss Mama Real-Support Bra fits perfectly with every mommas lifestyle as it doesn’t skimp on quality and style. A mother’s body will experience natural changes throughout the course of their nursing phase and we at Boss Mama are here to provide you that comfort and security 

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