How does the Membership Program Work?

  • Join the Program

    Sign up an account with Boss Mama & get rewarded right away with 2,000 points!

  • Shop & Earn

    Collect points when you sign up, purchase, share your referral link or celebrate a birthday!

  • Mamacita Rewards!

    Get rewarded with order discounts, free shipping and many more using your points!

How to use points as a Member?

Order discounts, free shipping & more!

Refer & get RM15 OFF for you and your friend!

I'm sold! How else can I earn points?

Sign up an account

2,000 points!

Place an order

Spend RM1, earn 10 points!

Celebrate a birthday!

Get a minimum of 5,000 points on your birthday!

Disclaimer: Put in your birthday in the rewards dashboard under 'Ways to Earn'

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