This is Why Women Want to Burn Their Wired Bras

This is Why Women Want to Burn Their Wired Bras

Whoever invented wired bras really hates all women!! That’s what I thought the first time I put on a wired bra. I was thinking to myself, is this really what I have to go through as a woman for the rest of my life? It can’t be this uncomfortable! Is this something that we just accept and endure? Is there no other way around it? Well great, welcome to womanhood huh...

Here’s the gist of wired bras - they suck!


Every woman has had their fair share of terrible experiences with wired bras and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say that it is not a pleasant thing to go through. Life was good, we were comfortable, happy and free. Then all of a sudden, society told us that once we reached a certain age, wired bras were mandatory for us to wear every day and the only way to look presentable in public. Boy did we believe them, including myself. 

But wearing this prison of an undergarment took its toll on me, I remember rushing home every time I’ve been out for hours just so I can yank out my uncomfortable bra that’s been poking me all day and violently throw it into my laundry basket. I would then look in the mirror just to find evidence of its sharp wires imprinted on my underbust. Ouch, right? But guess what, come tomorrow I’m wearing the exact. same. bra.


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Why were wired bras so common & popular?

I’ve worn all kinds of bras my whole life. Bralettes, T-shirt bras, lace bras, sports bras, waffle-knit bras, the list goes on. But because of how popular wired bras were as a woman’s should-be first choice, that was the biggest exposure I’ve had to any sort of bra since I was a young woman. I’ve always thought that the default should be a traditional wired bra and you change it up only for specific occasions. For example, when working out I wear a sports bra, when going to bed I wear a lace bralette and when wearing a strapless top I wear those nipple stickers. But other than that, a wired bra was really the only choice I had for everyday wear because of the huge number of companies that offered wired bras and wired bras only

I even considered going about my day-to-day activities braless but it came down to feeling comfortable or getting many, many gazing stares from strangers. Unfortunately, Malaysian social culture isn't open minded enough to free our nipples just yet. 


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There was no escaping boob jail! Until now…

The holy grail for our two breasties 

It wasn’t until probably 3-5 years ago that wireless bras actually became an option for us. It was a very new idea that took the industry by surprise. But the demand for wireless bras were definitely present and it started rising in popularity as a choice for women because it was something we actually wanted and maybe even needed.

Then, all the big brands caught on and hopped on the bandwagon of wireless bras. They started sharing studies about why wired bras are actually bad for your overall long-term health and well-being and started showing us a variety of wireless bras. Well, it took long enough! 

And with social media, information was circling around that wired bras actually cause a myriad of issues such as bad posture, back & neck issues, weakening of back muscles, blockage of lymphatic fluid and can even clog the milk ducts of pregnant & breastfeeding women which could even lead to painful conditions like mastitis. You would think that with all of these problems we had to suffer through every day, wireless bras would have been around for at least 50 years already.

Now that wireless bras are super accessible from multiple brands & stores, with wide ranges of types of material, cup size, band size, colour, fit and design, I feel very taken care of and that old discomfort is now in my rearview mirror! Such a li-bra-tion if you ask me!

No wire means no brablem (problem)!

Ever heard of addition by subtraction? Who knew all it took was removing wires to drastically change our experiences with bras for the better! (*cough* Boss Mama *cough*). Now that innovation has played a key role in creating these comfortable products for us, we are spoiled with great choices and every day is a new opportunity. 

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The scoop on wired vs wireless bras


If you’ve made it this far into the blog and still need more convincing, I’ve taken the liberty to tabulate some data about wired and wireless bras as a last attempt to change your mind.

And if this actually made you take the plunge and switch over to the other side, welcome! We’re at a place where the sky is a little bluer and food tastes better.

Wired bras

Wireless bras




Hella comfy 

Think of

All day wear, easy


Cute & stylish



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