"I Quit My Corporate Job To..."

"I Quit My Corporate Job To..."

I quit my corporate job to be a present mother and co-founder.


"Babe, I feel like you have been stressed and unhappy lately."

As I read the text, it hit me that Shakira was right.


After a year of juggling entrepreneurship and the corporate world, my insides were drained, and I was starting to lose focus on what's important. I felt poison creeping into my veins as I snapped at my kids. I wasn't sleeping well and I wasn't performing either. It was time—I had to let go and let God.



As I was beating around the bush to tell my boss that I was no longer interested to continue, I could feel a vibe of confusion taking over the conversation.

'Okay, this is nerve wrecking.'

Quitting a job was never this difficult. It was me—I was leaving my job during a pandemic.

'What the hell am I thinking? Wait, no, you have to do this.'


Took a while for me to snap and just say, "I would like to resign, and next month will be my last". The moment I left the call, a huge weight was lifted off my chest and I just sat there for a good 10 minutes to absorb it all. It wasn't the most pleasant call. It was final—I was leaving the corporate world after 10 years. I was going to lose the perks, the stable income, the glamour job and whatever else that comes with the corporate world.


Imma be a broke ass Boss Mama!


That night, I slept for 12 hours. Luckily, Raul felt just as tired and slept 12 hours with me. When I woke up, I remember feeling calm and at peace. I couldn't quite grasp why at that time, but I convinced myself that it must be the long ass sleep. As the week went by, I realised I had more focus and I was enjoying the problems I was solving. I spent more quality time with the kids, I smiled at people and I looked forward to 'What's next'. My mind was free, yet more focused than ever. It was at that moment I realised that I had unlocked happiness for myself. My heart wanted to be more of a present mother, and a present co-founder to Boss Mama.


At our first bazaar in Publika with Daphne Iking, one of our first few supporters!


It's a scary thought, but fear is something that hasn't happened. As I sit by the balcony, counting my last days of serving the corporate world, a cloud of sadness creeps in for the work that went unnoticed, and a burst of extreme appreciation for the bosses and colleagues that make such great friends. I've never felt more ready to go through the hardships of entrepreneurship. The best part is, I'll be doing it with a killer team, and one of the most capable and good-hearted Boss Mama I know—Shakira.




Quitting my corporate job was the best decision I made for myself, my family & Boss Mama.


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