Nurin Qistina on Boss Mama

Nurin Qistina on Boss Mama

It has been... awhile haha. To be exact, over 2 years ago. And since then, A LOT has changed. By a lot, I mean, my small family is now a family of 4. Yeap haha. Last you were updated, I recently gave birth to my daughter, Isabelle Bux. This year, we welcomed another bundle of joy we call Sheikh Zachary Bux. Our ray of sonshine in the midst of a very crazy pandemic time. 

Recently, I had a fellow mama friend asking me if I could update my blog to share some mama essentials. Whether you're a first time or a veteran mama, this sharing will definitely benefit you. When I became a mum, I didn't know if I was going to breastfeed or bottle feed, baby wear or not, co-sleep or sleep train? There was an overwhelming surge of opinions and information and I was overwhelmed. 

But the second time around, I was more prepared and confident of what I needed for myself and baby. I know we all always get our babies the best bottle, stroller, cot etc. But what about us mamas?

That's when I fell in love with Boss Mama. Boss Mama is a brand made by 2 mamas who were sick and tired of not getting the best of things when it came to pregnancy and postpartum needs. 

The first and my favourite product was the first to launch.


Let me tell you, I lived in breastfeeding bras even after Belle was done breastfeeding. I love the comfort and familiarity but let's be honest. They're not exactly "attractive" looking haha. Boss Mama managed to make their breastfeeding bras look and feel like a sports bra that is SUPER comfortable. I have tried their bra for over a year now and safe to say, I will be living in them for years to come. They gifted me one to try when they first launched, I was so excited and also so pregnant haha. I wore it throughout my pregnancy and now Zach is almost 6 months old.

I bought a couple more later because I had literally worn the bra every single day and it was time for a wash haha. You can even pump in their breastfeeding bra. I can hear the pumping mamas going "WHAT ?!?!?!!". Yes, ladies. You can go to work with just that one bra that you can pump in too without having to change to your pumping bra. Honestly, this bra has changed my life. And once you try it too, it will definitely change yours. 

I don't know about other mums but for me, I always use a breast pad for as long as I still leak when nursing. The ones I use are okay in terms of quality so I never really cared to look for better. Then, Junita from Boss Mama sent me a boss and of course, I was more than happy to try it out! And recently, I have just repurchased 3 more boxes haha. Boss Mama's disposable breast pads are thin and sleek enough that it doesn't show when you're wearing a fitting top. The sticky part doesn't come off when I'm breastfeeding at night which is what annoys me the most about breast pads haha. 


My next favourite and honestly, best product after their bras in my opinion because I don't know how they made something so comfortable is their SlimShape Bengkung. OH MY GOD. I've used quite a number of bengkungs during my confinements and after I usually store them far far away in the back of my closet after because they're just too uncomfortable to keep wearing haha. Their SlimShape Bengkung is so so comfortable. Their material is thick and soft, it's like you're being hugged instead of not letting you breathe so you become thin haha.

Also, I love that the tightest setting in the S size fits my body so well which gives me a boost of confidence haha. Needless to say, this bengkung is not just for postpartum mamas, it's for anyone who needs a bit of help in the tummy area. If you need something to suck in your tummy and go to bed with, this is it. Seriously, bomb dot com. They have an Hourglass Corset too but I have yet to try that so if you get it and loved it, do share with me in the comments!


Lastly, the bane of every breastfeeding mama's existence, breastfeeding friendly clothes. Number one, they're hard to find. You have more options now but it's still just okay at best. Number two, sometimes I find it harder to breastfeed in them haha. Number three, price is almost always too high. 


Boss Mama has a Casual Nursing & Pumping Top that is quite innovative in my opinion. It looks like a completely normal top but the slits open up and your breasts are still covered because the middle part has to be pulled down for you to nurse. You basically stay modest throughout the whole process, WIN! I feel like the size runs a bit big so if you prefer a more fitting top, do size down!

These are just some of the mamassentials that I love. I also love that they're a local brand. The owners, Junita and Shakira were 2 mamas that saw what the market was missing and filled it. Now they own, in my opinion, one of the best Mama brands out there.

If you would like to check their stuff out, click on this link and shop away! You can even join their business as affiliates to earn extra income and become a Boss Mamacita yourself by joining them here.

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