Parental Burnout Is REAL : How To Spot The Exhaustion & 8 Tips To Combat It

Parental Burnout Is REAL : How To Spot The Exhaustion & 8 Tips To Combat It

Parental burnout in layman’s term is really the sacrifices we make with ourselves as soon as we become parents. Our sole focus is centred around our child and naturally, we as parents fail to make ourselves a priority along the way. Our social life takes the backseat, we stop doing all our usual hobbies, training, hitting the gym, painting or even simple things like reading comes to a halt when we reason 101 things (or more) that’s worth doing. In that, we sacrifice ourselves and experience – burnout.

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest gift, but in order to be a GOOD parent in this life, you have to begin to prioritize yourself again.

Signs Of Parental Burnout

  • “Gosh, I’m tired”:

Every parent is tired but if you begin to realize that you’re exhaustion is more daunting than you can bear, than that is a sign of burnout. As parents, multi-tasking is part and parcel of parenthood. What makes it unhealthy is when you’re investing too much of your energy in these tasks that you begin to deprive yourself of proper self-care.

  • “Seriously??!”:

    Being moody and experiencing extreme mood shifts is another sign of burnout. If you notice that you get annoyed or snap rather quickly at the slightest thing your child or partner does, it only means you’re taking on more than you can handle.

  • “Uh’oh, I don’t feel so good”:

    It’s only natural that soon, your body too will start to respond to the burnout. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches and even anxiety are some of the signs that your burnout is affecting your health.  

  • “Why do I feel so alone?”:

    When you’re constantly attending to your child/partner’s needs (sometimes it doesn’t even come with a thank you), over time you will begin to feel invisible.

  • “Am I missing something?”:

    Overthinking things will also cause you to isolate yourself. That’s when all the self-doubting begins and you start to feel emotionally disconnected with your family.

Here’s 8 Tips On How You Can Combat Parental Exhaustion: 

1. Protected Self-Care Time

Set time aside for your needs. Make time for yourself whether it is going for a short walk, having a bath, visiting a friend or having your own space, even if it is just for a few minutes a day. Ensure to protect this time and make it a priority.

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2. Regular Exercise

The benefits of exercise are important for both physical and mental health. Exercise releases good hormones and prevents depression.

3. Communication Is Key

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to friends and family for support. Communicating your feelings shows great strength and in return you get the support and connection that is vital to prevent burnout and increase wellbeing.

4. Avoid Comparing Yourself To Other Parents

If you want to be happy, stop comparing yourself. Theodore Roosevelt once quoted ‘’Comparison is the thief of joy’’. It is very hard to compare ourselves to others as everyone is different and it only adds to pressure, stress, feelings of inadequacy and most importantly takes away the great work that you do as a parent.

5. Do What Works For You

No one is perfect. If you notice you are putting added pressure on yourself to be ‘’the perfect parent’’ try to let this go. Do what works for you and try not to engage in worry about what others think.

6. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Connect with your breath as a way of regulating emotions and connecting to the present moment. It helps to bring a sense of calmness, clarity and focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

7. Be Kind To Yourself

Rather than criticise yourself, show compassion and recognise that you are fallible. Too much criticism can often lead to low-self esteem, irritability and eventually burnout.

8. Date Nights Or Time With Friends

Be it with friends or with your partner, reconnecting with them or one another, helps to unload the stress of parenting. Date night also helps to keep the fire alive, so don’t let THAT burnout!


Practicing these 8 steps will help you overcome the exhaustion and know that you’re not alone. Our 24/7 Telegram Mommy Hotline is always available for whenever you need a good venting outlet or just to feel connected with other mommas alike. Hey mama, YOU’VE GOT THIS! ♥

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