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Real-Support Bra Extender

Real-Support Bra Extender

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Bra Extenders for your Real-Support Bra

Perfect for our Boss Mama's who are:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Just gave birth
  • In between sizes for our Real-Support Bra

These high quality bra extenders work perfectly with our Real-Support Bra!

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Norunnajjah Ahmat
bra extended


7-Star Booster FAQs

How many sachets are there in 1 box of 7-Star Booster?

10 Sachets in 1 Box.

Can you consume the 7-Star Milk Booster when you are pregnant?

No, it's not recommended for pregnant mothers to consume the 7-star Booster. Best taken after birth.

How often should you consume the 7-Star Milk Booster?

We recommend not more than twice a day. Best taken in the morning during breakfast!

How soon can you see results?

Most of our Mamas see results within a couple of days or less! However, every body is unique and may respond quicker or slower. On average, you should see results within a few days.