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The Azureen Bra

The Azureen Bra

Suitable for Pregnancy, Nursing & Pumping

Best-Selling Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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90% preminum nylon

5% spandex

5% four way stretch lace

Made with a unique and premium nylon spandex blend with lace at the back, The Azureen Bra is soft, stretchy and feels like second skin

How To Use


This bra is a great pregnancy bra because its wireless and has a very stretchy nylon spandex material! The thick band supports your bust and does not fold up when you lift up your hands. This bra can be turned into a comfortable & functional nursing & pumping bra after you've given birth for an evergreen experience!

Nursing Directly/Latching

For direct nursing/latching, simply pull down the adjustable straps (one-handed) and pull down the top of the bra to expose your breast and breastfeed your baby on-the-go.


This bra can achieve hands-free pumping with any type of pump (flange, wearable, milk collectors, breast shields etc). Lift up the bottom of the bra and insert your pump into the slits. Use the layer at the top to cover the pumps for discreet pumping as well as further support for the pumps to ensure that they are secured in place and will not move.

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The Azureen Bra for Pregnancy, Nursing & Pumping.

Spend your day looking effortlessly stylish in a very comfortable and functional in our brand new nursing & pumping Azureen Bra! Include this in your maternity & postpartum essentials for an easy breastfeeding experience whether you're directly latching or pumping! This bra was made with a high quality nylon spandex material for a cooling and soft feel!

  • Princess cut for more body shaping with double layer.
  • Discreet holes for on-the-go pumping
  • 1.5cm adjustable straps for shoulder adjustment
  • Pregnancy, nursing and pumping crop top/bra
  • Quick one-handed adjusters on front straps for immediate nursing
  • Pull down at neckline to breastfeed, NO nursing clips!
  • Top layer lifts up with built in pump liner with overlapped flange slits. Top layer pulls down while pumping to support flanges.
  • Fits multiple styles of pumping flanges, wearable breast pumps and milk catchers.
  • Does not come with built-in padding, but you can use our Removable Bra Padding and/or Disposable Nursing Pads with it!
  • This product was lovingly made in Malaysia 

 Fits multiple styles of pumping flanges 

The top layer can be pulls down to support breast pump nicely. 

Quick one-handed adjusters on front straps for immediate nursing

The front straps have one-handed adjustments for fast nursing 

6 inclusive sizes

We have sizes from S all the way to 3XL to cater to every beautiful body. Our sizes cater to size 32A all the way to 50G!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Najah Tarmizi
Amazing lift!

Azureen bra is so beautifully designed, it helps to give me a good lift and makes me feel so beautiful! The material is so comfortable sometimes I end up just wearing it to sleep. Still have love for my OG real support bra but the Azureen gives me what I needed 11 months post -partum!

Ainul Yusoff
Love it!

It is so comfortable yet so pretty! Love the design and the materials so much


Super in love with the new Azureen Bra! The quality of nylon is very high and it is flattering on my body because of the princess cut! Can't wait for more colours hehe

Azureen Bra FAQs

Return Policy

We're so sorry that you were not satisfied with the product and would want a return/refund. Unfortunately, we don't offer 100% returns as a company policy

However, we do offer FREE exchanges. Read the next FAQ for more info!

Exchange Policy

We offer FREE exchanges within any bra from our Real-Support Bra, Azureen Bra, Daphne Bra & Myra Bra

Here are the T&C's

  • Exchange request must be made within 14 days of purchase.
  • Item must be returned with perfect condition.
  • Once HQ has inspected the returned item, we will send out the new product to you ASAP.
  • Customer will take on charges to return to HQ and vice versa.
  • Whatsapp us now and we will assist you with your exchange!

Care Instructions

Hand wash the bra.


Put the bra in the washing machine on delicates setting. Place your bra inside a mesh bag if possible.